Things are going very well. We had a service last night out at a ranch in the open air. Ranchers stopped by on their horses to hear the Word of God! Javier sang and I preached. Rosie and Janice greeted the people. I ministered on “Weeping and Rejoicing at the Same Time”. Text was taken from the book of Ezra where the people wept and rejoiced when the foundation was laid. Land was donated by the ranch owner and a foundation is being laid to build a new church there; a branch church of the main church in Jalapa!!!People were saved and blessed.

Sunday morning Rosie did an incredible job sharing ministry time with me. She preached like I have me heard her preach!! God used her words to help heal her own heart!! She said although she missed Pastor Joe and loved him very much she knew that God was her strength, Healer, Refuge etc. It was awesome!!! I followed with 1 Cor 3:15. ¬†As a wise master builder Joe laid the foundation. Now let’s build on it gold, silver and precious stones !!!

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  1. Faith Outreach SA

    Awesome – Great job – Mexico Team

  2. Blanco

    Wow – Great video’s – Mexico Team –
    Very Impressed Mrs. Janice….

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