Today we baptized 3 people in the river. 2 of them was an elderly couple. The man was 89 and his wife was 86!!!  The third was a woman in her late 30s, early 40s.  The people rejoiced and sang praises to God!!!

Baptism Pic1 baptism pic2

In the youth service tonight I only got to 1 point out of 5 points because Jesus convicted their hearts and almost everyone of them filled the Altar calling on The Lord with tears..

pic6 pic7

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2 Responses to Baptism on the Lake & Ministry Time

  1. Kimberly V.

    Praise God ! So Wonderful… Makes my heart glad 🙂 Sister Rosie Awesome!!!! Not to mention Sister Janice and Rosie are rocking that buggy LOL Love it <3

  2. Mattie

    Praise God; for our beautiful sisters doing what the Lord destined them to do; Mission work. Makes my heart glad as well to see that they are all having a well-deserved good time doing the Lord’s work.

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