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One of the huge benefits of our new website is the ability for people to have an account where they can access their giving records. You heard right! Not only are you able to give to the category of your choice, but you can also see your current year-to-date giving information! No system we’ve used in the past has allowed that.

In the giving screen, you’ll notice the ability to give using a checking account or credit card. Depending on the donation amount, contributions made by credit card cost the ministry up to 3% in processing fees. Though convenient, please think about that for a minute. Up to three percent of your credit card donation never reaches the ministry. This new website donation system allows donors to pay by check (ACH), thus only costing the ministry $0.45 per transaction. Over time, that is a massive savings… trust me!

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to complete and file your taxes but just could not find your annual donation letter? Perhaps you forgot to let the ministry know you moved last year and the giving letter never made it to you. By having your own login, you will be able to update your own information as needed. Not only that, but you will be able to print off a copy of your own giving record whenever you need it.

Now is the time to log in and check out the great improvements in the financial module. You’ll be glad you did!

Rick Boynton

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