The Lord gave us a witness that He is with us even before we got off of the plane. A man we met named Mark ( as in Mark 16: 15 ) heard about what we were doing and why and then He said “I’m Catholic but I want to bless you in your efforts and he gave the team & 600.00 in cash!!!

When we arrived last night, your missionaries fed us with fish and veggies. :). (Very close to fish and loaves) :).

Eating-2 Eating-1

Then we ministered last night in a service where The Lord gave me a Word of Wisdom about a man in the audience concerning influence. He later told me that the mayor of that city had come to him that day to ask him to be his assistant!!! He was glad that he got confirmation in the Service!!!

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7 Responses to The Flight & First Ministry Opportunity

  1. Faith Outreach SA

    Great Pics keep them coming!!

  2. Jacob Herrera

    Praise the Lord there is more to come and this is only the beginning!! We will be ready for a spanish service led by Pastor Carlos love you and miss you..Jacob and Erika

  3. Mattie

    Our Provider is awesome, He proves it over and over, even before our missionary team gets off the plane, they are blessed by someone that “had heard” what their mission was . How cool is that? Yes, not only is He an awesome, limitless Provider, but He is divinely Cool as well. May He continue to bless our team, for I know they will be a blessing in Mexico.

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