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The Kingdom Life Institute “Mastering the Basics” program is all about laying a strong foundation of God’s Word in a believer’s life. You see, the sad fact is most believers only receive a small taste of the Word of God on Sunday morning. Some will even be hungry enough to attend a mid week service. There is a hunger inside of that believer, but they don’t know what to do about it. The Bible was written for God’s people. It is full of promises and power for those who will invest the time to mine the treasure that lies within. That is where we come in!

Most Christians don’t understand the Bible because they believe they cannot. The Bible, they reason, is too difficult to understand. Nothing could be further from the truth! As believers in the Lord Jesus, we have the Great Teacher living on the inside of us… the Holy Spirit! He is the author of the Bible. He moved upon men of old to pen the various books of the Bible. That same Holy Spirit, according to John 16:13 will “…lead you into all Truth and show you things to come”. He authored the Bible, and He wants each of us to know the vast treasures that it contains!

When a storm is forecast to hit, many people turn to the National Weather Service for information. People seek this information because it could save their lives. Have you ever noticed that spiritual storms come too? In our time of trial, we need to go no further than the Word of God which is firmly established in our hearts. No one else in this world will have the answer we need. No politician, preacher, or parent knows what we have need of.  The Lord alone is the one who sees the end from the beginning, and will lead us into all truth. If we don’t know that, then we will be much more vulnerable when life’s storms come. It could cost us dearly, precious ones!

The KLI “Mastering the Basics” program is dedicated to helping you establish that strong foundation in God’s Word. The times we live in are perilous. There is an urgency to get this foundation built into people’s lives today. Is the Lord knocking at the door of your heart to be involved? Come join us and be ready to face those storms that are on the horizon. Your life, and the lives of your family members, may depend on it.

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