Please pray that God will move on your congregation today, searching and trying every heart, revealing any anxious thoughts or hurtful ways (Psalm 139:23-24).

Pray that repentance will take place and that genuine revival will be experienced by the people of your church family.

One Response to OneCry Prayer – July 31st

  1. MartinTorres

    Father let us continue to raise the standards of how we represent you. You have called us with a purpose and we choose to accept this call to show, pray and uplift one another to your call. The Church of the Living God needs us to lead your Saoits in crying out for the salvation of this nation. Your people need to stand in unity, strength and purpose to fulfill your will and call. Let our prayers and cries be a sweet aroma to your Throne and to your heart. Father we come boldly in the Name of Jesus Christ seeking the Power of the Holy Spirit to saturate us, to hover over us, to consume us……

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