We’re excited about the comics that we’ve put together called “What Would Johnny Do?” You may be wondering, “why the comics?” I’m glad you asked.

A while back, we decided to give some emphasis to the idea of being a pioneer. We were looking at some examples in the scriptures and decided to hone in on one of the greatest pioneers who ever lived – John the Baptist.

Luke 1:17 describes John the Baptist as being a forerunner to Jesus. John had a pretty tough ministry. During a tough time in human history, God called John to prepare the hearts of people to receive Christ. His message was bold, his heart was passionate for God’s justice, and he spoke with conviction and humility. While praying things through, we felt that God called us to deeply identify with this kind of calling. We also wanted to incorporate our love for art into this “forerunner” theme. The result?
A 4-part comic series that focuses on John the Baptist!

We recruited the talents of one of our youth members (Meaghan Paez) and an artist (┬áSteven Barboza) who also attends our church! We are 3 comics into the series. The 4th is on it’s way!!

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ALSO, be sure to download the FREE Forerunner Anthem, “Social Suicide”, along with the 6 other free songs which accompany the comics! You can download them all here (under Johnny’s iPod):


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